Bear cub captured in Camas neighborhood

Bear sightings had been reported for several weeks

Following several recent reports of a small bear being spotted in the Camas area, the animal was finally captured by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife officials on Friday afternoon.

According to WDFW Sgt. Jeff Wickersham, after the initial reports wildlife officers set up a trap on the south side of Lacamas Creek. But the bait kept being stolen by raccoons.

Then on Tuesday, WDFW officers spotted the bear cub and shot it with a tranquilizer dart — but it escaped.

On Friday, the bear was again seen in Camas, near the 1700 block of Northwest 31st Avenue.

“It was actually walking on people’s fences in their backyards,” Wickersham said.

WDFW and Camas Police Department officers tracked the cub, and landed a successful shot with a tranquilizer dart. Wickersham said the 60-pound cub was immobilized within a matter of minutes, then received an ear tag. It has been relocated to rural Skamania County.

“I’m glad we got it,” Wickersham said, “It’s such a young animal, it does have a better chance of surviving.”