Camas Days spectacular

Young and old alike enjoy the festivities

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Whether it was the Grand Parade, the Kids Parade or all the activities in between, Camas Days was once again a crowd pleaser. The fun kicked off Friday with the annual Kids Parade. Children dressed in all matter of things “Outta This World” flooded the streets with smiles and tossed candy to eager onlookers.

The Camas Days theme gave young ones full use for their imaginations. It was organized by Camas Parks and Recreation, which gave each participant a pair of unique sunglasses and a ribbon.

Parade participants ranged from community groups to the Camas Public Library to families out enjoying the day.

Erin Waller of Camas came with her three children, who dressed as martians in green body paint and eyeball sunglasses.

“This is our first year in the Kids Parade and we’re excited,” she said. “We just love the big parade.”

Added Brittany Bradford, “We love the community involvement at this event, the food and the feel of nostalgia.”

Jones Waller, 10, enjoys seeing the costumes and floats in the Grand Parade.

“And the candy,” he said. “I love the candy.”

His sister, Olivia, 7, enjoys the Kids Street bounce houses.

“Those are lots of fun,” she said. “And so is the Kids Parade.”

Winners at the Kids Parade were Amanda Livingston (first-place) and Sophia Bledsoe (second-place) for individual costumes; the Samples family (first-place), the Dolin’s family (second-place), Space Pirates (third-place) and Captain Rex (honorable mention) for non-motorized floats, bikes and wagons; and JDZ Summer Camp, Area 51 (first-place), C-W Parent Co-op Preschool (second-place) and MOMS Club of Camas (third-place) for group costumes.

Bailley Simms, of Vancouver, has been attending Camas Days since she was 7.

“We love the Ducky Derby the most,” she said. “I keep hoping one year I will win it.”

The Ducky Derby is the Camas-Washougal Rotary’s Club biggest fund-raiser. Nearly 5,000 rubber ducks were tossed into the Washougal River on Sunday. The “fastest” ducks won prizes for those who have “adopted” them. The ducks were $5 to adopt.

“My mom keeps thinking one day she will win the grand prize,” Simms said.

This year, it is a trip to Hawaii.

Even if Simms doesn’t win, she loves the festival due to the atmosphere.

“Everyone always seems so happy and relaxed,” she said. “And it’s something fun to do in the summer. Everyone can come and have fun, no matter what your age.”

Rebecca Trimble, owner of Rebecca’s Collections, was participating in the festival as a first-time vendor. She has lived in the area for 20 years.

“It was the first year we weren’t out of town so I decided to do it,” she said.

Trimble, of Washougal, teaches wine and painting classes, which include all supplies, for $30 per person. She also creates murals and does other commissioned work.

“So far, I know everyone down here,” she said of her Camas Days experience. “There are no strangers.”