110 file for charter freeholder positions

C-W residents will vote for candidates in District 2

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More than 100 people last week filed last week for the 15 freeholder positions that will be filled as part of the Nov. 5 General Election.

A total of five non-partisan freeholder positions will be elected from each of the three Clark County commissioner districts. Voters will cast ballots for candidates running for freeholder positions in their commissioner district. Camas and Washougal are located the Clark County Commission District 2.

Monday was the last day for candidates to change their minds and withdraw as a freeholder candidate.

District 2 candidates are:

Position 1: Rob Perkins, Joel Littauer, Cheryl Bledsoe, Diana H. Perez, Jamie Hurly, Vancouver; Thomas Hann, Nan Henriksen, Camas

Position 2: Lloyd Halverson, Ken Kakuk, Camas; Debbie Abraham, Brush Prairie; Tracy S. Wilson, Esther Schrader, Vancouver; John W. Bryden, Washougal

Position 3: Judie Stanton, Jim Martin, John Burke, Vancouver; Russell Boten, Liz Pike, Camas

Position 4: Paul Dennis, Camas; Roger Neilson, Dimitry Mishchuk, Vancouver

Position 5: Chuck Miller, Bentley Brookes, Camas; Jake Smith, Adam Baldwin, Vancouver; Marc Boldt, Anthony (Tony) McMigas, Brush Prairie

Freeholders will be elected to a term of office from Nov. 27, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2014, or when a draft home rule charter for changes to Clark County government is submitted for a public vote, whichever comes first. Freeholders are not paid a salary.

A county charter could include options such as giving citizens initiative and referendum power, establishing a legislative body with five or more commissioners instead of the current three, making the board of commissioners strictly legislative, making changes to elected or appointed officers, requiring county government to adopt a binding code of ethics, and creating new county positions or departments.

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