Camas resident sells office supplies

Ty Lambert wants to promote local businesses

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Ty Lambert

A former Liberty Middle School football coach has launched a campaign to focus on local businesses through his office supplies company.

Ty Lambert owns The Office Group, an online business.

He sells ink and toner, office furniture, and cleaning and school supplies.

Lambert offers same day or next day delivery on most items.

“It seems like a pretty good niche,” he said, regarding his small business. “Everyone else has to go to a big box store.”

Lambert can list online links to local customers’ companies on his business website.

“We want to help promote their businesses,” he said. “A big box company just takes their order. We want to see if we can help them get more business.”

Lambert, a Kansas native, moved from California to Camas in 2008. He and his wife, Charlene, have three children.

“We do business with local, small business as well,” Lambert said. “We buy groceries at Camas Produce and printing flyers from Pat [Guard] at Columbia Litho. We try to do everything full circle.”

For more information, call (800) 392-2964, email or visit