Purpose is to improve police procedures

Clark County Sheriff's Office participates in national survey

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Citizens who come into contact with Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies can now take a survey to rate their encounters with law enforcement.

As part of the National Police Research Platform’s Police Community Interaction survey, which is being administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago, feedback could help improve police procedures and approaches in Clark County, Washington State and nationwide.

The purpose of the data will be to establish new benchmarks for excellence in policing and improve quality of police services delivered to the community.

The CCSO is one of 100 agencies participating in the national program.

As police reports on traffic accidents and stops as well as non-violent crimes are filed, a letter will be sent to community members asking them to take a survey online or by telephone, in English or Spanish. None of the survey information is collected by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Instead, responses are managed by UIC researchers.

For more information, contact the National Police Research Platform staff at (312) 996-4574.