Letters to the Editor for Feb. 19, 2013

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No guns in schools

Responding to the Feb. 12 letter to the editor from Robert R. Larimer Jr., he writes in his closing statement, “It is really the only way to save their lives” (with respect to putting guns in the hands of teachers and referencing our children).

I do not believe this at all. I think to use a gun, as “the only way to save our children’s lives,” is foolish, dangerous, and gives in to the reasoning that our schools (here in Clark County) are not safe and also infers that the local school administration is somehow not up to the task of providing a safe environment for our children.

I am willing to bet that local law enforcement is not smiling right now and neither are the school superintendents.

I reject Rep. Pike’s bill and wish she would represent the 18th District with more reasonable and sound legislation than this bill.

Recently, I made a request on Facebook, connected to an article about this very same bill Rep. Pike is championing, and asked if “any teacher, K-12, currently teaching in the state of Washington or any school superintendent in charge of any school in Washington State, would write down their name, which school they represent, to identify themselves publicly, and to tell us all why they would support such a bill.”

I got zero responses to my request. And do you know why Mr. Larimer? I believe the current teachers or school superintendents are either afraid or ashamed to admit to such a thing or there really is no support to this bill among the current teachers and superintendents in Washington State (who read/follow Facebook).

No, Mr. Larimer, I do not support Rep. Pike’s bill. And further, I will not support any legislator who does not consider reasonable gun control. More guns are not the answer. Rep. Pike’s bill is for the proliferation of guns in our schools. I am not.

Mike Briggs, Washougal

CEF Phone-A-Thon is around the corner

In 1997, a small but dedicated group of parents took hold of an idea. They believed that a strong community supported a strong school system and in turn, that strong schools built a strong community.

With this as their founding belief, they formed the Camas Educational Foundation to support the Camas School District in its mission to provide world-class education to its students.

It has been 15 years since the inception of the CEF. Through the many efforts of countless volunteers, Camas schools have benefited from over $1 million dollars put directly back into the hands of the teachers and students that make Camas the strong school district that is.

Through on-going fundraising, CEF has contributed to the expansion of the Math and Technology Magnet program at Camas High School, enhanced early literacy for kindergarten students with the Waterford Early Literacy computerized reading program, provided countless books to support literacy across the curriculum and provided funding to create equipment rich science education at the elementary schools.

These are but a few of the yearly grants supported through CEF funding and this year promises even more funds available to support creative and new learning opportunities for the students in the Camas School District.

CEF once again brought a community of supporters together for the annual auction event, “Soaring with CEF: Our 15 Year Journey” which was held in November at the Pearson Air Museum. Through the generous contributions of auction sponsors over $104,000 was raised to support CEF’s mission.

As part of the auction’s special appeal, $15,000 was raised and designated for “Everyone is a Reader,” which translates into $1,500 awarded immediately to every school for the enhancement of literacy. Additionally, $75,000 is marked to reward innovation in teaching, learning and technology through the awarding of major and mini grants.

While the fall finds the fundraising efforts focused on the annual auction, the spring brings the equally important CEF Phone-A-Thon.

Student leaders from both Liberty Middle School and Skyridge Middle School come together for three consecutive evenings to call patrons in the Camas School District asking for continued support of CEF’s mission.

This year the annual Phone-A-Thon is scheduled to occur on the evenings of Feb. 26, 27 and 28.

When the phone rings and you are greeted by a request for contributions, please consider supporting the Camas Educational Foundation. You can be assured that your ongoing support will be used to continue to maintain the strong and enhancing presence of the Camas Educational Foundation in schools across the Camas School District.

As part of CEF’s mission to build community awareness and support we would also like to enlist the participation of our community. There are several opportunities for involvement with CEF. If you are interested in becoming an active participant in the Camas Educational Foundation and would like more information, please contact current board president, Mandy Huth at

Diane Loghry, Camas School District teacher

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