Letters to the Editor for Jan. 15, 2013

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Help Camas schools continue tradition

My family and I have been Camas residents for over 15 years. We also have children who attend both Camas High School and Skyridge Middle School.

As a parent who has been actively involved in my children’s schools, classrooms and parent committees for many years, I strongly support voting ‘yes’ on Feb. 12 for the upcoming expiring replacement levies for both maintenance and operations and the technology levy for the Camas School District. Involvement in the Camas schools over the years has provided me with firsthand evidence of how crucial levy funding is to our schools, classrooms and every child.

It is very important to understand both of these levies replace expiring levies in 2013. And that this is not a new tax on Camas residents. It is very disappointing that Washington State has slipped to 42nd in the United States for per pupil education funding for kindergarten through 12th grade. The Camas School District continues to rely on local, voter approved tax levy dollars to bridge the gap and make up the difference in the basic education expenses the state continues to cut.

The CSD Maintenance & Operation levy currently pays for 20 percent of the Camas districts entire budget. Levy funding not only supports extra curricular activities, including school athletics, as well as both accelerated learning, special education and many enrichment programs. To also include many important educational aspects from staff positions, transportations costs, grounds maintenance, and not to mention text books, curriculum, technology and so many more elements that are key in our children’s daily education and well being.

In voting “yes” on Feb. 12, for the replacement maintenance & operation and technology levies, we will continue to support the quality education and programs Camas is known for. The high quality of education and standards will be upheld with a “yes” vote for the CSD replacement levies which is a huge investment in the Camas community, our kids and their futures. With a “yes” vote, Camas schools can continue to carry on the tradition of maintaining the high quality education of our children who’s futures depend on and deserve our support.

Rhacelle Anderson, Camas

Guns in schools is not the answer

I’m sorry I missed the recent 18th District meeting at the Camas Library. I knew the subject of gun control would come up and I had a couple points I’d like to make.

I’m not in favor of teachers “packing heat.” No matter how much training a person has in gun safety or shooting accuracy, it’s a completely different attitude one needs to actually point a firearm at a person’s heart and pull the trigger. I spent six years in uniform, on active duty and in reserves, and I still have a hard time coping with the fact that pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger can have lasting consequences.

Teachers and students can be safely kept from harm with things like the addition of bars on windows and doors. Something that can’t be “shot out” to gain entry. Let’s let those who are trained to teach — teach. And those who are trained to protect — protect.

Fred King, Washougal

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