Work of Camas Camera Club members will be featured in ‘The Call of the Open Road’ exhibit

A creative take on transportation

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A buggy on a misty country road. A skateboarder weaving his way down the street. A desert highway that seems to stretch forever.These are a few of the images Camas Camera Club members will share during their photography exhibit this month.

“The Call of the Open Road,” will be featured at the Camas Public Library’s Second Story Gallery.

The official unveiling and reception are on Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. The opening will coincide with a popular classic car show, which is a part of Camas First Friday.

Club members participated in the exhibit last year and enjoyed it so much, they came back for a second round, said Kirsten Muskat, club founder.

“We had a really nice response last time,” she said. “More than 200 people came to the opening.”

One of those people was Dale Lancaster of Vancouver, who is now a club member. His work will be featured in this year’s exhibit.

“I’d been looking to join a camera club for awhile,” he said. “So I figured I would come down here and investigate. I met Kirsten and the others, and they seemed like a really nice group of people.”

Lancaster, who has been interested in photography for more than 30 years, said he appreciates the non-competitive nature of the club.

He says he takes photos of opportunity, and appreciates tips and suggestions from other club members.

“We are all just trying to be supportive of each other and trying to improve,” he said.

Lancaster is looking forward to the upcoming exhibit.

“I think it’s going to be interesting,” he said.

Sherry Brookshire, also of Vancouver, joined the club three months ago. The show at the Second Story Gallery will be her first.

“I am pretty nervous about the display,” she admits. “I’m a little scared, but excited too.”

Brookshire describes herself as a “snapshot” photographer.

“Now, I’m trying to learn to do better and take my time,” she said. “My photography has definitely improved since I joined the club.”

On a recent road trip with her husband to Mount St. Helens, Brookshire was inspired to stop and take a photo of the open road. She will be displaying it in the upcoming exhibit.

“I took my time to look around at things before taking the photo,” she said. “(Prior to) joining the club, I just took the shot. Now, I think ‘What would I want it to look like if it was hanging on my wall?’”

Muskat, of Camas, is a professional photographer who teaches classes to women. Before, she focused on travel photography.

After several of her male friends jokingly threatened to dress in drag so they could attend, she decided to start a club that included everyone at any level who was interested in photography.That was two years ago. Now, the club has 21 active members.

“I think part of the reason why members enjoy it is that it has a nice, social aspect,” she said. “We are all helping each other get inspiration and find new places to shoot. It’s a joy to do this. I never want it to be competitive.”

Added Brookshire, “We are at all different experience levels but you can always learn from people.”

In addition to Muskat, Brookshire and Lancaster, club members featured in the exhibit include: Alyssa Meter, Cheri Jackson, Henry Gerhard, Jim Stewart, John Lasher, Karen Wilson, Karen Elliott, Lincoln Westdal, Lois Settlemeyer, Lou Steffey, Rick Hopper, Shonda Feather and Stephanie Roberts.

July will be a busy month for the club, which is also planning a photo walk at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, from 8 to 10 a.m. Saturday, July 13.

They are meeting at Starbucks, 304 W. Eighth St., next to the park, and visiting the farmer’s market to search for inspiration.

“We have been trying to make this happen for more than a year,” Muskat said. “I have no idea who is going to come, but it will be fun.”