WHS students can earn volunteer letter

Program began after spring break

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Washougal High School students who demonstrate commitment to their school and community through documented volunteer service work can now earn a varsity letter for that effort.

“We are very excited to be able to provide recognition that is very meaningful to students for the time and energy they put forth volunteering,” said Marsha Spencer, advisor at the WHS Career Center. “We hope the program will also help foster positive interaction between Washougal students and the community, and help to encourage a habit of service.”

To earn a varsity letter, students must complete and document at least 150 hours of qualifying community service hours. That requirement is based on an estimate of hours needed for practice to participate in a varsity high school sport. No more than 50 of their volunteer hours can to be school-related.

The balance must be earned in the community, such work with churches, service organizations, 4-H and Scouting programs.

Interested students must first complete a form, and all community service work must be documented with a verification form, which describes the work performed, the organization served and name and contact information of the adult supervisor of the work.

Reported work will be verified by WHS Career Center staff.

Community Service Varsity Letter program forms and more information, such as what type of volunteer work qualifies, can be found at

“Volunteerism has always provided great opportunity for students to gain experiences to help qualify them for various scholarships, bolster their college applications and for use on their resumes,” said Spencer. “The WHS varsity letter program will just give them one more reason to get involved and help provide them with the recognition they deserve.”