The art of the voice

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Anne Maguire listens as Liam Tully works on breath control exercises at her office in downtown Camas. She graduated from The Boston Conservatory in May 2012. Maguire provides private voice and music theory lessons for students ages 14 and older.

Individuals who walk by First Christian Church in Camas could be treated to a variety of vocalizations — from a teenage girl singing an Italian aria to a 20-something man working on breath control.

They are Krysia Woods and Liam Tully, local residents who are students of Anne Maguire.

Woods is a member of the Washougal High School choir, while Tully, a WHS graduate, is a performing and recording artist.

Maguire, a mezzo-soprano, provides private voice and music theory lessons for students ages 14 and older.

“It’s great to be able to pass along so much of what I’ve learned to others who are passionate about singing,” she said.

Maguire, 23, is also available for hire for performance or master classes. Her office is located at 404 N.E. Sixth Ave.

Maguire said singing has always brought her joy.

“One of the constant joys I found was being able to create something beautiful with my own body as the instrument,” she said. “The more I studied, the more beautiful and expressive that instrument became.

“I have also always adored and had a knack for instructing, mentoring and tutoring,” Maguire added. “Teaching voice combines those two passions for me. Having the skill, talent and knowledge to pass on what I’ve learned and help others discover and shape their own unique instrument is a constant blessing.”

Maguire graduated from the Boston Conservatory in May 2012. During her final two years of her studies, she performed lead roles in several operas at the Conservatory. Maguire had similar opportunities at the Opera Academy of California during the summer of 2011.

Since returning to the Camas-Washougal area, she has been leading worship at First Christian Church.

Maguire is studying with Richard Zeller, a renowned baritone who is semi-retired in the Portland area.

Her immediate goals are to build up her business and create a thriving voice studio, while establishing herself as a local performer through concerts and recitals.

“In two to three years when I have accomplished those things, I will return to school for my graduate studies in opera performance,” Maguire said. “Although I am wildly passionate about teaching, my true talent lies in performance and the opera stage is the venue through which I create my best art.”

For more information, call 772-0601 or email