Columbia River Crossing will be among the topics

Washougal town hall will be held Saturday

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A project that could replace the I-5 bridge will be the featured topic of a Washougal town hall.

The meeting with City Council members is scheduled for Saturday, at 9 a.m., in the council chambers at City Hall, 1701 “C” St.

Comments about the proposed Columbia River Crossing project and other issues will be accepted from residents and property tax payers within Washougal or Washougal’s urban growth area.

Presentations from those in favor of the CRC, as well as the opposition, will be included in the town hall. Clark County Commissioner David Madore is tentatively scheduled to be among the speakers opposed to the CRC project. Others could include Tiffany Couch and John Charles.

The CRC project will include an extension of light rail 2.9 miles across the Columbia River to Vancouver. The extension would end near Clark College in the Central Park Neighborhood and include a station on Hayden Island, four stations in Vancouver and three new park and rides.

The CRC project would include two bridges. The northbound structure would carry vehicle traffic above and have a covered path for pedestrians and bikes on a deck below. The path would be up to 20 feet wide.

No action will be taken at the town hall meeting. City Administrator David Scott said when City Council members scheduled the session, they indicated an interest in hearing from constituents whether or not the council should take an official position regarding the CRC project and if so, what constituents think that position should be.

Other town hall topics will include a transportation facilities update.

For more information, call City Hall at 835-8501 or visit