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Children in Third-World countries often live lives that most of us couldn’t even imagine.

A child’s basic needs–food, shelter and health care are not necessarily always provided. Poverty, disease and malnutrition are commonplace. Young children are often abandoned, due to the deaths of their parents or other tragic situations. They are left to live in what can be deplorable circumstances, and often end up in orphanages that are run by the government or private organizations. Many don’t live past the age of 5.

It’s an incredible decision to adopt a child from a Third-World country. Many of the American families who decide to do so are not wealthy; they adopt because they truly want to give a suffering child the opportunity for a better life. But unfortunately, international adoption is not an easy process.

Over the years, the Post-Record has profiled a number of families who have adopted one or more children from countries including Ethiopia and Africa. And more than one of them has been able to do so through a local organization called Our Family in Africa, a Camas-based non-profit founded by Jilma Meneses. The organization provides legal and logistical assistance that is often required to adopt a child from Africa.

This organization’s success at bringing American families and African children together is highlighted in today’s Post-Record. Our Family in Africa and the people who support it are truly changing lives.

Without this organization, dozens of children would still be suffering and living with uncertain futures.