Filing week comes to a close

Deadline is Friday at 5 p.m.

Friday marked the end of filing week, where citizens submitted the paperwork and paid the fees to run for public office.

The Clark County Elections Office reported that filings for local seats included:

Camas City Council

Vanessa (Van) Amundson, Ward 1, Position 2; Melissa Smith, Ward 1, Position 2; Steven C. Hogan, Ward 2, Position 2; Ken Kakuk, Ward 2, Position 2; Shannon Turk, Ward 3, Position 2.

Washougal City Council

Sean Guard, Mayor; Earl Scott, Mayor; Brent Boger, Position 1; Paul Greenlee, Position 3; Lisa D. Voeltz, Position 3; George Kolin, Position 3; Rodney P. Morris, Position 6; Dave Shoemaker, Position 6.

Mt. Pleasant School District

Thomas Schlatter, Position 1; Tanis Morris, Position 4; Kate Stiles, Position 5

Washougal School District

Blaine A. Peterson, Postion 3; Jeanie Moran, Position 3; Eva-Maria Mull, Position 3; Ron F. Dinius, Position 5

Camas School District

Casey O’Dell, District 1; Julie Rotz, District 2; Erika Cox, District 2.

East County Fire and Rescue

Martha Martin, Position 4; Ray D. Wygal, Position 4; Victor Rasmussen, Position 2; Thomas Gianatasio, Position 2.

Port of Camas-Washougal

Mark Lampton, District 1; Bill Macrae-Smith, District 3