On the sidelines: Camas soccer surges ahead

The Papermakers delivered four goals in the final 21 minutes of the first half to defeat Wentachee 4-0 in the first round of the 4A state girls soccer tournament Wednesday, at Doc Harris Stadium.

Camas put a one on the scoreboard after playing a little bit of pinball in front of the net. Maddy Belzer fired the ball out of a cannon from the corner, Anyssa DeVera bumped it back into scoring position and Teylen Sheesley flicked the ball into the net with her foot.

The Papermakers earned another free kick and added another goal. Belzer set the ball up on a tee this time, and Riley Allison headed it into the net.

Freshmen Alyssa Tomasini and Sabine Postma got right into the thick of things after entering the game. Tomasini headed in a pass from Postma to make it 3-0 Camas.

Mason Minder capped off the scoring surge with a free kick into the net just before halftime.

Central Valley defeated Camas 7-0 in Saturday’s state quarterfinal match, in Spokane.

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See you on the sidelines.