Keep Smith in the Ward 1 seat

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In the Camas City Council race for Ward 1, Position 2, it is incumbent Melissa Smith who during the past nine years has earned Camas residents’ vote.

Smith, 54, is a third-generation Camasonian and has lived and worked in the Camas community for many years. In March 2004, she was appointed to the Camas City Council, and was then subsequently elected to the seat by voters twice in uncontested races.

During her time on the City Council, Smith has served on a number of commissions, committees and boards, and is currently a volunteer for the Friends of Camas Cemetery. She can often be found at community events and activities.

Smith has shown herself to be a team player who is not afraid to speak up and go against the grain, when necessary. She has been a strong supporter of parks and open space, managed growth and of collaborative partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions, which have become so important, particularly in recent years as the economy has struggled.

Smith’s opponent, Vanessa Aumndson, decided in July that she wouldn’t be able to devote the time necessary to running a campaign due to health reasons. Now, with only one week left until ballots are mailed out, Amundson announced Sunday that she had changed her mind and would begin campaigning. And unfortunately, her campaign platform seems squarely focused on the Columbia River Crossing and the transportation issues that surround it.

Camas needs every member of its city council to be focused on city issues, and there are many of them that will be needing attention in the coming years.

Smith has proven during the past nine years that she is an independent thinker who is responsive to constituent concerns and takes her role as a local elected leader and decision-maker seriously.

Vote to re-elect Smith for Camas City Council, Ward 1 Postion 2.