Indoor tennis facility approved in Camas

Four new courts could be available by 2014

Caryn and Clark Vitek’s Evergreen Tennis Facility is coming to Camas.

Four indoor courts will be constructed on 2.28 acres of land at 20320 S.E. 20th St. These courts will come with a translucent ceiling to capture natural light.

“Tennis players like to play outside. If we could, we would play outside all year long,” Clark Vitek said. “Unfortunately, we don’t live in that type of environment. This is the best concept we could come up with to emulate that natural light experience.”

Caryn Vitek said the new facility will be more accessible to Camas, Union, Washougal and Mountain View high schools. It will provide a closer alternate to Camas and Washougal residents than Club Green Meadows and the Vancouver Tennis Center.

“Camas is all about live, work and play,” she said. “A lot of families are looking for active opportunities within their own neighborhood.”

City officials approved the site plan Friday. It includes paved parking spaces and plans to build two more tennis courts in the future. The facility could be open by 2014.

Senior planner Sarah Fox said the next step is for the developers to submit site construction plans and building plans.