Camas School District website nears completion

Site was compromised by a 'web robot'

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Two weeks after the Camas School District website was compromised by an unwanted software application, the new site is nearing completion.

“I had a new site ready Thursday, but found out it wasn’t going to work after a programmer looked through it and said it had the same weaknesses as the original,” said Doreen McKercher, public information officer. “So, I decided to build my own from scratch.”

McKercher is hoping to have the new site up and running by the end of the week.

The software application is known as a bot, or a web robot, that runs automated tasks over the Internet. In this case, it was changing text on the pages, modifying links and creating new links directing users to sites where pharmaceuticals could be purchased.

The district hired a programmer to investigate how the site was compromised and help ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

“This bot hit 90 other sites at the same time we were hit,” said Sherman Davis, technology director. “We were not alone.”

In the meantime, users have been directed to a new, but temporary CSD website that contains the most essential items, such as emergency and administrative staff contact information and details about transportation, as well as lunch menus and links to school sites.

“Sherman and Doreen have put in many hours correcting this, and we’re getting close,” said Mike Nerland, district superintendent.

In the meantime, users who cannot find information that they are seeking on the temporary website can contact McKercher at or 833-5563.