Local business owners purchase Workshed Interactive

Joseph Graves and Brian Kashas provide website design and development

Two local men have bought a local company, with the intention to keep it local and help other local businesses succeed.

Joseph Graves and Brian Kashas have purchased Workshed Interactive from Bret and Shannon Van Horn.

“Brian and I had been searching for a way to work together, and Workshed had built each of us a website,” Graves said. “When we heard from Bret and Shannon that they’d be moving on, we felt like the Workshed brand of craftsmanship was a good fit with our personalities.

“We both appreciate good design and enjoy problem solving,” he added. “This was something we could do together, add our own business philosophy, and maintain our existing businesses Joseph Graves Capital Management and Evolutn Design.”

Their services include website design and development, social media profiles, search engine optimization, content creation, email marketing, business development and process improvement. Workshed is also an authorized reseller of Google apps.

Graves said the creative industry and web design have a reputation for being over time and over budget.

“Brian’s extensive background in project management will prevent that from happening with our clients,” he said. “As an investment adviser, I’ve seen the negative consequences of globalization and I see the potential for the local guy to level the playing field with a little know how and technology.

“Most creative agencies try to make nice looking websites for businesses,” Graves added. “We help businesses grow by building good looking websites that solve problems for them.”

In a website review, the Workshed owners ask potential clients if their website is current, with recent blog posts and accurate contact information.

According to Graves and Kashas, missing or obsolete information leaves the impression of neglect. It’s hard enough to run a business without frustrating customers before you get to talk with them, they said.

It is also important for potential customers to be able to see the webpage contents on mobile devices, without having to zoom in.

Purchases made on mobile devices are expected to quadruple in the next three years, with more people using mobile phones than computers.

Former owners move forward

Meanwhile, the Van Horns are involved in new endeavors.

Bret, founder of Workshed in 1997, is a web developer with iSite Design, in Portland.

Shannon, former president of Workshed, is a psychologist with the Evergreen School District. She is also an adjunct staff member at Washington State University-Vancouver.

Shannon is president of the Camas Farmer’s Market board, and she emcees events for the Downtown Camas Association and other local organizations.

“It has been our pleasure serving the Camas-Washougal community since 2003,” Shannon said. “We have made many wonderful friends and enjoyed our time helping other people’s businesses grow.

“We know Joe and Brian will continue the tradition of Workshed and take good care of our clients and friends,” she added. “We look forward to continuing to see many of them around town.”

Workshed is located at 1887 Main St., Ste. 204, Washougal. For more information, email team@workshed.com or visit www.workshed.com.