A focus on local history

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While in some parts of Camas modern homes, industrial buildings, and newly built businesses are the norm, with a little imagination stepping into downtown Camas can be like taking a little step back in time. In the shadow of the Camas paper mill, tree lined, two-lane streets are home to small, quaint shops. It’s a cozy, comfortable place, where there’s an easy camaraderie among business owners, employees and visitors.

It’s a community gathering place.

It’s where Camas began, and its history, nuances, pivotal events and cast of characters will be part of two celebrations this month.

This week on First Friday, special activities will include old time photos, face painting, mustache and paper crafts, toilet paper toss, old fashioned toy activities, live music, games and a history hunt.

Spring Into History Day will then take place on Saturday, April 26. There will be a photo scavenger hunt, walking history tours, displays by the Two Rivers Heritage Museum and Georgia-Pacific paper mill, and talks by longtime local residents who will share their old photos and memories.

And in anticipation of that culminating event at the end of the month, starting with today’s Post-Record, a series of vintage photos will be published each week. Some of them will be the ones taken 70 years ago that were recently discovered in a small black folder at Georgia-Pacific paper mill (see story on Page B1 of today’s Post-Record), while others will be historical photos that bring with them a little bit of mystery as to who is featured in them, and when and why they were taken. This is in an effort to as completely as possible record the history of this small town that has changed so much, but continues to strive to stay tapped into its roots.