Intensity stands test of time

Still nothing settled between Camas and Skyview soccer teams

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Nate Beasley breaks loose with the soccer ball Friday, at Doc Harris Stadium. Beasley and Cameron Eyman netted goals, but Skyview equalized Camas' effort. So the question remains, which team is better?

So the question remains, which team is better?

Camas and Skyview scored goals this time and still nothing was settled after another 90 minutes of soccer at its finest Friday, at Doc Harris Stadium.

Nate Beasley and Cameron Eyman came through with hard fought goals for the Papermakers, but Carter Johnson and Brandon Zilles became the equalizers for the Storm.

“We both knew this was the game to show up for,” Beasley said. “We would have liked to end it tonight. I guess we’ll have to wait it out. Hopefully, they slip up. I know they hope we do the same.”

Cayne Cardwell fired the opening salvo for the Papermakers, but Skyview goalkeeper Evan Laws tipped the ball over and out of bounds. Cardwell and Beasley parted the seas once Camas regained possession of the ball. Beasley crested the wave and blasted the ball into the goal. The captain roared with shock and awe.

“It’s good to get a goal you can really feel,” Beasley said. “I didn’t think it was going to go in, and then I saw it bouncing around in the net. It was such a relief.”

Both teams traded near misses as the first half progressed. Skyview finally capitalized on a free kick opportunity with less than four minutes on the clock. Johnson headed the ball into the net to tie the game.

Camas regained the lead seven minutes into the second half on a 60-yard surge by Calvin Goon. The senior harpooned the ball and found Eyman open in the eye of the Storm.

“I was just hoping for a goal,” Goon said. “Whatever it took to keep that ball moving.”

Eyman chipped the ball in the net to put the Papermakers back on top.

“Definitely credit to Calvin. He made that run and was able to place a perfect ball,” Eyman said. “All I had to do was capitalize on it and finish it.”

Skyview continued to test the Camas defenders, but couldn’t find any chinks in their armor. The shields withstood a free kick and then a corner kick, but the Storm got one shot to sneak through. Camas swept away another free kick try. Zilles zeroed in on the ball and fired an off-balance volley that landed in the back of the net.

Once again, the game was tied. The score would stay 2-2 through the final nine minutes of regulation and two five-minute overtimes.

“Both teams are very similar. It comes down to little mistakes and capitalizing on them,” said Camas coach Dan Macaya. “They equalized us. We need to do a better job of keeping our heads in the game and paying closer attention to detail on their set plays.”

Head coach Roland Minder was in Switzerland tending to a family emergency.

“This is the first time in 20 years he’s had to miss multiple games,” Macaya said. “It means a lot that he trusted me to carry the reigns.”

Satisfied with their effort, the Papermakers are still wondering if they are the better soccer team.

Camas (9-0-3) and Skyview (10-0-2) each have four league games left on the schedule. And these two rivals aren’t ruling out the possibility of facing each other in the playoffs.

“Whether it’s districts, bi-districts or state; somewhere down the line, we’ll see each other again,” Goon said. “These rivalries and high intensity games are what I live for.”

The players, coaches and fans want an answer. But for now, they will have to give it more time.

“Whoever ended up on top, it was a fun game no matter what,” Beasley said. “Being a senior, it would have been nice to have it settled. I might have to go through the rest of my life wondering which team was better?”