Municipal Matchup

C-W employees enjoy good-natured competition

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A softball game, involving city officials from Camas and Washougal Friday night, resulted in four different scores, depending on who was asked.

At the end of seven innings — the previously agreed upon end of the game — Washougal won 15-11, according to Washougal Finance Director/City Clerk Jennifer Forsberg, or 19-11, according to Camas Executive Assistant Leisha Copsey.

After nine innings, Camas won 25-20, according to Copsey, or 24-19, according to Forsberg, who served as manager of the Washougal team.

Despite the mixed results, team leaders agreed it was an enjoyable event, at the George Schmid Memorial Park Complex, in Washougal.

“It was a great opportunity to spend time with co-workers, doing something fun outside of work on a beautiful day,” said Camas City Administrator Pete Capell. “I am relatively new, so it also helps me get to know Camas employees better and meet some of our peers in Washougal.

“It is intended for wellness, but I believe that it does more for camaraderie,” he added.

Capell said his least favorite part of the game was being one of the older competitors and realizing he could not keep up with the younger people anymore.

Camas Mayor Scott Higgins served as third base coach and team manager, while Washougal Mayor Sean Guard was the third base coach.

Washougal City Administrator David Scott said the friendly competition is intended to promote wellness and fun for the employees and their families.

He was glad no one was injured, and he got a hit off of Capell.

The game occurred toward the end of another fitness related competition between the cities. “Walk Your Way” involved participants keeping track of their minutes of aerobic activity.

The results of that competition have not been finalized.

Camas City Attorney Shawn MacPherson said his favorite part of the softball game was catching up with friends from other city departments and from Washougal that he does not see that often.

“I like how the game brings the staff together for a fun event,” he said.

Players were rewarded after the game with hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon and cookies.

Washougal City Councilwoman Connie Jo Freeman enjoyed being around several generations of competitors.

Her least favorite aspect of the game was realizing she does not hit or run like she used to.

“We should have quit while we were ahead,” Freeman said.