E-CycleWise offers electronic recycling services

Complimentary pick up areas include Camas and Washougal

A mother and daughter have teamed up, to provide free pick up services of computers, VCRs and fax machines.

Rachel Treasure and Eva Metcalf are the co-owners of E-CycleWise LLC, an electronics recycling company.

Items that are accepted include desktop and laptop computers and mice, scanners, tablets, iPads, printers and keyboards, pagers, ink and toner.

Treasure, of La Center, and Metcalf, of east Vancouver, also pick up modems, routers, DVD players, cable and satellite boxes, portable music devices, cell phones and land line phones, as well as cell, laptop, slab/UPS and auto batteries.

There is a $10 charge to transport TVs, if there are no other electronics to pick up.

“We are not set up to recycle them, so we take them to someone that is,” Metcalf said.

Pick up areas include Camas and Washougal.

“My daughter and I always envisioned owning a business together,” Treasure said. “We are very close, and we share a lot of the same views. We are both passionate about what we do.

“Working side-by-side with her is such a blessing,” Treasure added. “It doesn’t feel like work when we’re together. We work hard, and we have a good time with a lot of laughs.”

The women started E-CycleWise six months ago.

“It is our goal to make recycling e-waste convenient for our community and to keep e-scrap out of our landfills,” Metcalf said.

She said she is lucky, because she gets to work with her best friend.

“We find humor in everything we do, and we laugh a lot,” Metcalf said.

She previously worked with another electronics recycling company for close to two years.

Treasure and Metcalf disassemble and sort the used electronics in their warehouse. They work with down stream R2 certified end of life recyclers, which prohibit illegal export of toxic materials and ensure that the recycling processes are safe and secure.

“Everything is shredded to make new consumer products,” Metcalf said. “We make our money per pound on all the metals, precious metals and plastics.

“The material recycled is used to make new computers and cell phones,” she added. “The hope in recycling properly is to keep our landfills clean but also to keep the cost of new consumer electronics down.”

Treasure and Metcalf work with local residents, organizations and businesses to make sure the donated electronics do not end up in landfills.

They also offer complimentary on-site data destruction for hard drives and other storage devices.

For more information, call 952-0931, email eva@e-cyclewise.com or visit www.e-cyclewise.com or www.facebook.com/ecyclewise.