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Camas work crew supervisor retires from CPD

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Dick Golladay holds a road sign given to him as a retirement gift from the Camas Police Department. He served his community as a Papermaker, firefighter, police officer and a landscaper. He looks forward to the next chapters of his life as a husband, father and a grandpa.

By digging into dirt and evidence, Dick Golladay found his way into people’s hearts.

“I know how to do it, and I know where the masters are,” said the 66 years “young” police officer turned landscaper.

After graduating from Camas High School in 1965, Golladay served as a volunteer firefighter and then joined the Camas Police Department May 30, 1973. He dedicated 24 years to the force, retired in 1997, returned in 2002 and became the supervisor of the offender work crew.

“I just sort of fell back into this place and worked for another 11 years,” Golladay said.

After devoting more than 35 years to the city, Golladay is ready to hang up his community service cap and spend more time with his wife, Sam, and two dogs, Gi Gi and China.

“They say it’s better the second time around,” Golladay said of retirement.

The Camas Police Department held an open house for Golladay Wednesday. Those who stopped by to wish him luck made friendly bets on how long it will be before he pokes his head in again and starts asking questions.

“Underneath that thick, grizzled veneer lies a tireless worker with a heart of gold,” said court security officer Larry Linne.

“If you drop his name anywhere around town, people will tell you they know about Dick Golladay,” said Chief Mitch Lackey.

Golladay remains the caretaker of Camp Currie, but he looks forward to visiting Yellowstone National Park, seeing family members in Louisiana and hitting all the sights in between.

“Eventually, we’ll get them all checked off.”

Camas is Golladay’s home for good. His daughters, Becca and Jennifer, live in town. He also has a grandson named Micah who craves his attention. Being a husband, father and grandpa are the rewards of his hard work.

“This is a wonderful area. I’ve spent most of my life right here in town,” Golladay said. “Once I got on at the police department, I really enjoyed the people and didn’t see any reason to leave.”