Acupuncturist heads west to downtown Camas

Stephanie Meinhold hopes to add classes on nutrition

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Stephanie Meinhold (left), a licensed acupuncturist, recently hired receptionist Ashley Upson (right), to work in the new location of Camas Acupuncture & Nutrition. Meinhold has renamed her Washougal Acupuncture & Herbs, LLC, practice. With the additional space in the new office, she hopes to have classes on topics such as nutrition, Lyme disease and meal ideas for diabetics.

A licensed acupuncturist has relocated her practice from Washougal to Camas.

Stephanie Meinhold owned Washougal Acupuncture & Herbs, LLC, in the Evergreen Marketplace at 3307 Evergreen Way, Ste. 603, before she moved to 405 N.E. Sixth Ave.

“I moved my practice, due to much lower overhead in Camas and a lack of affordable professional space in Washougal,” she said.

The relocation has included changing the name of the practice to Camas Acupuncture & Nutrition, and the hiring of receptionist Ashley Upson.

There are three treatment rooms, an increase from two in the former space. Each has a theme — sunset, nature and Asian.

Acupuncture involves placing fine, sterile needles at specific “acupoints along meridian pathways” — connected to specific organs and glands.

Conditions that are treated with acupuncture include allergies, anxiety, arthritis and asthma, as well as headaches, stress and insomnia.

Meinhold, a Washougal resident for 10 years, earned a master’s of acupuncture and oriental medicine degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, in Portland, in 2008. She also has a master’s degree in environment and management from Royal Roads University, in Victoria, B.C., and a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Calgary.

Meinhold’s areas of interest include Lyme disease, fertility, mental health and women’s health.

With the additional space in the new office, she hopes to have classes on nutrition, Lyme disease and meal ideas for diabetics. The area for classes features antique Japanese doors, refinished by a friend of Meinhold.

“My hope is to start doing presentations at my office to educate people about food and how it affects our overall health,” Meinhold said.

Most of her continuing education is in the fields of nutrition and fertility. Meinhold offers nutritional counseling for weight loss and diabetes, as well as incorporating healthy eating habits and detox programs.

She also carries a whole food supplement line, that she feels is a very good alternative to synthetic vitamins.

Meinhold has started practicing “Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique,” which treats food, chemical and environmental allergies using acupuncture and muscle testing.

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