Urology Clinic to join The Vancouver Clinic

Move is expected to be complete by May 1

The Urology Clinic of Southwest Washington and its three urologists, Dr. Adrienne Heckler, Dr. Eric Kline, and Dr. Terry Milam, recently agreed to join The Vancouver Clinic. The goal is to integrate with The Vancouver Clinic by May 1.

Dr. Douglas Masson, a Camas resident and president of The Urology Clinic, described joining The Vancouver Clinic as “the best possible way to continue to serve our patients.”

The ever-changing health care environment demands a complicated infrastructure to provide comprehensive urologic care, and The Vancouver Clinic is best suited to achieve that,” he said. “In order to provide the best care for our patients, it just makes sense to join resources. We’ve always felt that our practice vision closely matches that of The Vancouver Clinic.”

Urological services will continue to be provided at the Urology Clinic of Southwest Washington’s current location of 505 N.E. 87th Ave., Ste. 200, while space is prepared at The Vancouver Clinic facilities at 700 N.E. 87th Ave.

The Vancouver Clinic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alfred Seekamp said the move is a win-win for the medical clinic and the community.

“We are excited to add Dr. Douglas Masson, Dr. Erin Gibbons, and Dr. Jason Smith to our urology department,” he said. “This will allow us to expand our services to better meet the urologic needs of more of the community.”

The Vancouver Clinic, Southwest Washington’s largest multi-specialty clinic, has more than 250 medical practitioners offering services in 34 medical disciplines, and a range of ancillary and diagnostic services.

For more information, call 882-2778.