An appreciation for science and art

Hathaway Elementary School students create unique botanical sketches

Students in Debbie Kramer’s second grade class at Hathaway Elementary recently gained an appreciation for science and art as they studied botany.

They began by analyzing pictures on a computer of botanical illustrations by 18th century Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, who often sketched details of the tiny parts of flowers in his illustrations.

Next, students drew and colored pictures of a variety of plants, including strawberry, tomato, foxglove, zinnia, cosmos, delphinium, cone flower, fuschia and dahlia.

Their projects combined both science and art.

They also had a chance to observe roots, stems, leaves, buds, flowers and seeds on the plants.

“They were impressed by the size of the tubers on the dahlias,” Kramer said. “Students really enjoyed this activity and added incredible details to their drawings,”

The next day, they listened while Kramer read from books about the life cycle of a plant, wrote observations about their plants, and learned the functions of the various plant parts. “The classroom had a wonderful garden feel for a few days, and students now have a new appreciation for the beauty and complexity of plants,” Kramer said.

Student Devin Stone agrees. “Art is fun,” he said. “He (Linnaeus) put zoom-ins of the plants.”

“I liked how my flower looked like tiny bells,” said Jude Maddox of his illustration of a foxglove. “I even drew the close up parts.”

Student Mya Peterson also enjoyed the work and learning.

“I was very happy,” she said. “I noticed you have to add details.”