General election results

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Updated Nov. 4 general election results were released Monday afternoon. According to Clark County Elections, there are still 2,000 ballots left to be counted. The next round of results will be released Wednesday afternoon. Countywide, voter turnout is approximately 49.74 percent.

o Clark County Home Rule Charter

Yes: 53.36%

No: 46.64%

o City of Washougal Proposition 5

Yes: 58.59%

No: 41.41%

o City of Washougal Proposition 6

Yes: 48.28%

No: 51.72%

o East County Fire and Rescue

Yes: 72.56%

No: 27.44%

o Mount Pleasant School District maintenance and operations levy

Yes: 54.96%

No: 45.04%

o US Representative Third Congressional District

Jaime Herrera Beutler: 61.55%

Bob Dingethal: 38.45%

o State Representative 18th Legislative District Position 2

Liz Pike: 59.2%

Maureen Winningham: 40.8%

o State Representative 18th Legislative District Position 1

Mike Briggs: 36.91%

Brandon Vick: 63.09%

o Clark County Assessor

Peter Van Nortwick: 60.85%

Darren S. Wertz: 38.82%

o County Clerk

Scott G. Weber: 57.77%

Deanna Pauli-Hammond: 42.08%

o County Commissioner, District 3

Jeanne E. Stewart: 50.23%;

Craig Pridemore: 49.57%

o County Prosecuting Attorney

Tony Golik: 54.29%

Josie Townsend: 45.50%

o County Sheriff

Chuck Atkins: 56.20%

Shane Gardner: 43.48%

o County Treasurer

Doug Lasher: 51.93%

Lauren Colas: 47.92%

o Toll-free East County Bridge Advisory Vote

Yes: 52.76%

No: 47.24%

o Clark Public Utility District No. 1

Jane Van Dyke: 52.47%

Byron Hanke: 47.02%

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