More Papermakers are crowding the bowling alleys

Growing program begins fourth year

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Camas High School varsity bowlers Courtney Warta, Isabella Gilbertson, Shelby Chartrand and Ariel Laycock lead 19 other Papermakers on the lanes.

The sound of crashing bowling pins is catching on at Camas High School.

Founding team member Porsche Chartrand graduated in 2014. She bowls at Calumet College of St. Joseph, in Whiting, Ind.

Chartrand left the Camas program in good hands. Her sister, Shelby, is back after placing eighth at the 4A state tournament as a freshman.

“It was loud, but fun,” said Shelby about her state experience. “If you actually try your hardest, you can pursue your dreams and your goals. There are people here to help you. I made a lot of new friends during that time.”

There are a total of 23 Papermakers filling the bowling lanes this season. Shelby Chartrand leads the varsity line up, along with juniors Isabelle Gilbertson, Ariel Laycock and Courtney Warta.

“This sport is so much fun. You get to socialize and knock over those pins,” Gilbertson said. “It can get intense on varsity. I enjoy the challenge and marvel at how good and dedicated these girls are.”

Returning bowlers Melissa Brittan, Courtney Estrada, Jamie Graninger and Emily Henry switch off in that fifth varsity slot. The other 15 Papermakers round out the junior varsity and C-team rotations.

Gilbertson, Laycock and Warta said the new girls are in the same position they were a year ago.

“The best thing these girls can do is practice,” Warta said. “I had never bowled before last year. I started doing this with my friends. We got really competitive and enjoyed it.”

Camas lost its first three matches to Kelso, Hudson’s Bay and Prairie. The season resumes after Thanksgiving break.

“The first few matches showed that we have a lot of potential,” Warta said. “I hope we continue to get closer, as well as improve our scores.”

“Just do your best, and don’t worry,” Shelby Chartrand added. “Remember, it’s supposed to be fun.”