City of Camas implements changes to improve utility billing practices

Adjustments will save time, provide better service

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The Camas City Council recently approved the first in a series of utility billing code changes aimed at improving customer service, saving staff time and providing greater equity to billing.

According to a press release, the first improvement will be to maintain a base bill to all customers for water, sewer, storm drainage and garbage. The base rate would pay for the infrastructure that all customers utilize, whether they are home or not. This change will also stabilize the rates for all rate payers. The city will no longer suspend billing for services during extended absences.

The second improvement is to extend the billing cycle from 20 to 30 days. Ratepayers will see this change with their November bill. The due date will be the same, but the bill will be delivered earlier in the month.

This change will also allow for additional delinquent billing notice. The city will no longer use door hangers as notification of pending service disconnection, which will save staff time. The notification will arrive in the mail twice prior to the service disconnection for non-payment.

For more information, call the Camas utility billing line 834-2462.