Letters to the Editor for Sept. 2, 2014

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‘Unexamined’ assumptions about the concealed carry license

In her Aug. 19 Letter to the Editor, “Obtaining conceal/carry license is too easy,” Joanne Pinelli expressed concern that it is “too easy” to obtain a concealed carry license in Washington. She expressed her aversion to guns, but failed to define what, exactly, the problem is with the concealed license process.

She did not mention that her application for a concealed carry license was subject to criminal background and state mental health record checks to make sure she was not prohibited from possessing a firearm.

She expressed the unexamined assumption that the ease of obtaining a concealed carry license is related to criminal use of firearms. History is not kind to that assumption.

Citizens who go through the process of applying for a concealed carry license are law-abiding in the first place, which means they aren’t likely to be involved in criminal activity. In the many years the current license system has been in place, there have been very few instances of license holders committing crimes involving guns. Relating the concealed carry license process to the acts of the lunatic, Adam Lanza, destroyed whatever credibility she hoped to achieve.

As for her final question, “Is this really the culture any of us want to live in?” I would respond that, like Arizona, Alaska and Vermont which don’t require a concealed carry license, law-abiding citizens in Washington should not have to get a permission slip from the state in order to exercise their right to carry a firearm for self-defense.

Ken Jones, Washougal

Outraged about school district’s failure to perform

I, like other Washougal School District parents, recently received a letter from a Mr. Fleck at the district office. This letter was supremely crafted to confuse the reader and minimize the truth that our school district has for the second year in a row failed to meet the requirements set forth in the No Child Left Behind Act.

Our superintendant along with the School Board chose the option that allows pay raises for failing districts, but when they fail to meet the minimum standards they are required to send out that letter. Parents and taxpayers should be outraged.

I find it revealing that our superintendent or board president didn’t sign the letter. They don’t want to associate themselves with the failures that are clearly theirs to bear.

Both Mr. Petersen, board chairman, and Superintendent Dawn Tarzian are clearly in over their heads and should resign. They have both demonstrated an inability to budget and now a continued incompetence in educating our children.

Concerned parents should email them with their thoughts, or attend a school board meeting and demand they perform or resign.

Mark Zack, Washougal

‘Charismatic cat’ fondly remembered

I am so glad the Post- Record ran an article on Coaster, Lutz Hardware’s charismatic cat — “Coaster the cat makes his mark in downtown Camas” (Feb. 11, 2014).

Here is a story to add to Coaster’s legacy.

When our small Munsterlander pointer, ZhaZha, had her two litters –10 pups each — we decided to introduce the newbies to a cat, especially a cat who would tolerate them. Coaster came to mind.

When we asked Aaron Lutz if he would volunteer his famous cat to be their teacher, he obliged.

So twice we hauled a 10-pup litter to Lutz Hardware. Mind you: Coaster was never forced to meet them. Instead, he was placed on the floor, where he could easily have bounded away into his hardware jungle. However, Coaster showed his true colors, and he was regal.

As each pup approached him — wriggling, sniffing, pawing — Coaster would merely observe, and when a pup was too intrusive, he would smite him with his royal paw, while still keeping his ground.

Coaster taught us all something that day: 1. When you know who you are, why hide? 2. Just be present to the situation before you.

To Aaron and all Lutz Hardware employees: we honor Coaster.

Thank you for sharing Coaster with us: he made a difference. He embodies the spirit of your wonderful store.

Cathi Simmons, Camas

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