Lake levels to decrease this week

Lacamas Lake cleanup will be held Sept. 20

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Camas residents will soon notice water levels at Lacamas Lake becoming increasingly lower.

As of yesterday at 8 a.m., Georgia-Pacific began reducing the level of the lake. During the next week, it will drop approximately 6 feet to the 5-foot level, which should be achieved by Monday, Sept. 15.

The Camas paper mill lowers the lake’s water levels every year so that dam maintenance can be conducted.

“The annual lake draw down is done to allow an inspection (both mechanical and surficial) of the Lacamas Lake dams (upper and lower),” said Mill Spokeswoman Nancy Viuhkola. “If maintenance is required, dates for maintenance start on Sept. 22 through Oct. 17.”

According to Georgia-Pacific, the lake will be re-filled beginning Oct. 18, an effort that will take several weeks depending on the amount of rainfall the area receives.

Lake cleanup is Sept. 20

Each year to coincide with the lake’s draw down, Underwriters Laboratories and other area businesses and non-profit organizations, organize and put on a cleanup event.

This year, it will be held Saturday, Sept. 20, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Volunteers are needed, and should plan to meet at the Heritage Park boat launch on Northwest Lake Road, to help pick up litter and debris from around the lake and surrounding trails.

Gloves and garbage bags will be provided. Volunteers should bring waterproof boots.

The Lacamas Lake Cleanup began as a grass roots effort 18 years ago by the Lacamas Shores Homeowners Association.

For more information, visit or call 817-5653.