Panther soccer team breaks through Beaver dam

Panthers host Hockinson right after the break

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Sam Razumovskiy senses a goal is near for Washougal Friday, at Fishback Stadium. The Panthers beat Woodland 1-0 after losing to Ridgefield 1-0 in double overtime.

When Sam Razumovskiy skipped the soccer ball past the Woodland keeper like a rock on the Washougal River, it ended a 135-minute scoring drought and helped the Panthers defeat the Beavers 1-0 Friday at Fishback Stadium.

“We took like 20 something shots,” Razumovskiy said. “The fact that we only got one in is ridiculous.”

It was a chilly, rainy and frustrating game, but Washougal will take the victory after losing at Ridgefield 1-0 in double overtime Wednesday.

“The goals will come. These kids just have to keep producing, and I have no doubt that they will,” said head coach John Tyger. “I feel more confident with this group than any group I’ve had here. The seniors are holding things down on the backline, and the underclassmen are rising to the occasion. It’s been fun to watch.”

Razumovskiy, Yorro Bah, Nicholas Boylan, Monte Georgianna, Brandon Rotundo, Joseph Snedeker and Danny Zack have been playing soccer together for years. Fans can see their unity and maturity on the field. It’s also helped their teammate thrive and play with confidence. Deivid Gonzalez has scored some big goals. Nicholas Erickson, Leonardo Salazar and Christian Schicker are not afraid to jump into the competition with both feet.

“We have a lot more connection with the ball,” Razumovskiy said. “It’s not just kick and chase like the last couple of years.”

The Panthers have also found a gem in senior goalkeeper Tristan Roseff. Tyger said the football player has great hands and a nose for where the ball is coming from at all times.

“He’s just a natural back there,” Tyger said. “And that puts the rest of the guys at ease.”

Soaked to the bone Friday, Roseff had to stay on his toes because he knew Woodland could strike at any minute.

“The game can change just like that. You have to be able to shake the water off, make your move and save the team,” Roseff said. “When they’re in your box ready to score and you clear it out, it’s a huge relief. You know your team is still in the game.”

Washougal and Ridgefield battled for 85 minutes without scoring a goal Wednesday. Thirty seconds into the second overtime, the Spudders delivered a golden potato into the back of the net and the Panthers headed home defeated.

“It was just a miscommunication on the backline, and they snuck one in there,” Bah said. “We just got to finish out the game and capitalize on our shots.”

Hockinson is on the horizon for Washougal on the first day back from spring break. The Panthers host the Hawks Monday, April 13, at Fishback Stadium.

“Hockinson is always a challenge. I think we can get them this year,” Bah said. “It’s all league games after we get back. We have to keep our minds focused, get our wins and climb up to first place. I think we can do it.”