Foster kids will receive new school clothes

Assistance League partners with area Fred Meyer stores

For most kids, going shopping for new school clothes is an anticipated late summer ritual.

But for many in the foster care system, this has never happened.

That’s why the Assistance League of Southwest Washington is teaming up with area Fred Meyer stores to provide new school clothes to children in need.
On Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, foster children, along with their caregivers or social workers, will visit Fred Meyer for a back-to-school shopping trip. Each child, ages 10 to 18, will be given $125 to spend. This, combined with special offers from the store, will help the money go a long way, noted Jeanne Lightburn, Assistance League public relations chairwoman.

“The organization took on this challenge because it feels the children in foster care often fall through the cracks in getting much needed resources such as clothes,” she said. According to Lightburn, the group, formed five years ago, is the only non-profit that provides new clothes to foster children in Clark County.

“One young man commented last year that his new clothes were the first he ever received that ‘still had the price tags on them,’” she said.

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