Seniors for Seniors

2695 and 2675 S. Index St., Washougal
Adoption fees: County and/or city animal licensing fees are not included.
Up to 1 year $270
1 to 4 years $200
4 to 6 years $180
6 to 9 years $140
9 years and older $80
Kittens $75
Seniors $40
Special needs $40
All others $60
The WCGHS offers a 25 percent discount on adoption fees for senior citizens 65 and older, as well as individuals who are disabled, military personnel or veterans.
Contact: 335-0941 (dog shelter) or 835-3464 (cat shelter), email or visit

Randie Gjerset has experienced the rewards of caring for dogs.

She has enjoyed nurturing more than 12 canines over the years.

“There is nothing better than the unconditional love you receive from them,” said Gjerset, 67.

Earlier this summer, her black lab, “Denali” died at the age of 12.

“He was my best buddy, protector and friend,” Gjerset said.

“The house was empty,” she added.

Gjerset’s beagle, Toby, died in February.

During a visit to Camas Days on July 24, Gjerset stopped by the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society booth and looked at photos of dogs that were available for adoption.

She noticed a photo of an older male dog named Rocko.

“I thought 9-year-olds are not going to be adopted quickly,” Gjerset said.

On the following Monday, she visited the WCGHS dog shelter.

Gjerset planned to see Rocko, as well as other dogs that were available for adoption.

“He sat on my foot, and that was it,” she said.

“He’s very mellow and loves to be loved,” Gjerset added.

She is working with Rocko, to encourage him to walk alongside her.

“He is rambunctious on the leash,” Gjerset said. “He pulls a lot.

“He does not jump on people,” she added. “He is learning to ‘stay’ better.”

Gjerset attended training classes with her other dogs and knows about reinforcing positive behavior.

Rocko’s former owner surrendered the terrier mix, because the man was moving into an assisted living home.

Discounts for senior cats

This month, the WCGHS is offering a senior cat adoption promotion, “Six for $6.”

At press time, the senior cats include “Raylene,” “Jeckles,” “Maxie,” “Wynonna,” “Rose” and “Mittens.”

“These cats are all easy keepers,” said Ami Prevec, the cat shelter manager with the WCGHS. “They are very low key and will enjoy a quiet home with lots of love and attention.”

The adoption fee is $6, if adopted by a senior citizen, age 65 or older.

The WCGHS has a Senior Cat Adoption Initiative program, that allows the shelter to provide a decreased adoption fee for adopters 65 and older when they choose to adopt a senior cat.

After approval of the adoption and payment of a $40 fee, a WCGHS volunteer will deliver the cat to the senior’s home and provide a carrier, litter, dry and wet food, PetSmart coupons, microchip and all available medical history.

“This program aims to place cats that are over 5 years of age or younger cats with special needs such as restricted diets, medical issues or environmental restrictions, in the homes of senior citizens that are seeking a companion animal,” the WCGHS website stated.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington has a “Wise Whiskers” promotion.

From Tuesday through Friday, cats that are 3 years or older can be adopted for $10 each.

“Kittens are cute, but these kitties are wise,” the HSSW website stated. “Adult cats are often litter box trained, socialized and have developed personalities making it easier for you to find the best match for your family.”