Filling the gap

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The thought of a child going to school with torn or ill-fitting clothing and tattered and worn shoes is heartbreaking.

No one wants to believe that kids in the local community have to deal with this situation, but the unfortunate reality is that they most certainly do. Not every parent or caregiver has the funds available to purchase new attire for their children, who often wear through or outgrow their clothes faster than anticipated.

Recently, thanks to the efforts of teachers, students and parents, several schools within the Camas and Washougal school districts have established a resource meant to provide a solution.

As highlighted in a story in today’s Post-Record, math teacher Mary Murray recently started a clothing closet at Jemtegaard Middle School, after identifying the need and recruiting others to help out.

A similar situation occurred at Liberty Middle School, where student Gared Skorick started a clothing and toiletry closet in 2014.

Studies show that when students have access to essentials like proper nutrition and appropriate clothing, they have some of the most basic tools they need to learn, focus and behave while at school.

Several schools in Camas and Washougal have recognized these factors’ importance, and have initiated and maintained clothing resource areas supported by donations to fill in the gaps. All others need to follow-suit, so that every student, no matter their economic situation, has access to warm, appropriate clothing. It is a basic need that every child deserves.