County contracts for technology to upgrade core permit services

Benefits include more web-based services

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Computronix USA will start work in February under a new contract to develop, install and maintain an electronic system for managing building, development, engineering and environmental permits in Clark County.

“This marks a major step forward to replace outdated technology,” said Community Development Director Marty Snell. “We aim to help improve the process for people and businesses that depend on our services to meet their goals. At the same time, we will increase productivity in county operations.”

The county plans to implement major improvements by the end of 2016, with additional phases to follow.

Overall, the project is expected to cost up to $4.7 million, including direct outlays by the county. Of the total, Clark County’s contract with Computronix is $3.6 million.

Snell said the new system is part of a major push to update county services, which includes the recent renovation of the permit center in downtown Vancouver. Benefits include more web-based services for customers and mobile computing for staff, he said.

Computronix specializes in information technology to support public services in the United States and Canada. Its Lakewood, Colo., office will execute the five-year contract approved by the Board of County Commissioners.