Letters to the Editor for Jan. 6, 2015

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‘Education is everything’

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, we citizens of Washougal will cast our votes on a capital improvement bond for our schools.

This spring, I will be 76 years old. It is more than likely that I won’t be alive to see the current crop of kindergarten children grow up and take their places in society. I don’t know what kind of world they will be living in, or if they will be prepared for the challenges that are ahead of them. Nevertheless, I do know that if my generation doesn’t support them in the way our parents and grandparents supported us, their chances will be slim to none.

Many years ago, my grandfather told me that he always voted for the schools, unlike many of his friends, because he knew it would be important for his grandchildren. His generation gave us the opportunity to go to school and build lives for ourselves and our children.

With the past and the future in mind, I plan to vote in support of these children I see daily; waiting at bus stops, playing in school yards and walking home with their backpacks.

Much is said about the importance of education. This is a “no brainer.” I urge all of you join with me in voting in favor of the capital improvement bond for our schools. I am giving my vote to the children of Washougal. Education is everything.

Joyce Lindsay, Washougal

It’s time for the Washougal community to step up

As a proud parent of Washougal graduates and an active community member, I am urging voters to support the upcoming Washougal school bond in the Feb. 10 election.

We have a school district to be proud of in Washougal. We have wonderful committed teachers and staff and they are producing well rounded, successful students. Our maintenance staff has done a great job to keep some worn out facilities in service, but it is time for our community to step up and vote to replace and update them. Unless we pay attention to the needs addressed by this bond, education here could begin to suffer.

Our youth depends on the community to support a school system to prepare them for their future. We need to keep a good thing going in Washougal. Vote “yes.”

To learn more, go to

Rene Carroll, Washougal

Vote for safe schools

The upcoming Washougal schools bond will pay for improvements to help our schools be safer for our kids and staff.

A “yes” vote will create new, secured entrances, upgrade door lock hardware and get students out of worn out portables at Jemtegaard Middle School, Excelsior High School and Gause Elementary School, making them safer and improving the learning environment.

I work at the schools and have a grandson there. I see firsthand the needs that must be taken care of with approval of this bond. I am asking our community to support our Washougal students and vote “yes” for safe schools.

Larry Guenther, president

Washougal Chapter of Public School

Employees of Washington/SEIU

Local 1948

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