County now accepts bank cards for marriage licenses, recording documents

Move is expected to increase efficiency

Clark County customer service agents are now accepting major credit and debit cards to issue marriage licenses, record documents and provide copies of official documents in accordance with state law.

Previously, cash, cashier’s checks or money orders were required to record or purchase documents subject to recording. Cash was required to obtain a marriage license.

“This will make it more efficient to do business,” said Paul Harris, manager of recording, marriage licensing and vehicle licensing for the auditor’s office. “In the past, some citizens were inconvenienced because we were unable to accept bank cards for payment.”

Harris said the county has contracted with a private vendor to provide electronic security for data and cardholder privacy, making it practical for the county to offer this convenience.

Credit card payments will incur a service charge of $2.50 for transactions up to $84. Transactions greater than $84 will incur a 3 percent fee.

Debit-card payments up to $5,000 will incur a service charge of $2.50 for each transaction. Payments greater than $5,000 will incur a 3 percent fee.

These services are available at the Public Service Center, second floor lobby, 1300 Franklin St., from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, except Wednesdays, when the lobby opens at 9 a.m.

Some services are available online or by mail. For more information, visit