The Go Project releases a greatest hits album

Camas band has performed together since 2003

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Local band, The Go Project, recently released their album, “The Go Project, Greatest Hits.”

The Go Project, featuring Camas musicians Christopher Roberts and James Kerridge, have been playing music in the Vancouver/Portland market since 2003.

“James Kerridge and I wrote many of these songs over the last decade,” Roberts said. “When James moved to Taiwan about three years ago, and we always talked about releasing an album, so we did it. I spent the last two years fine-tuning the songs, producing and mastering this 14-song album – we are very proud of it.”

The album includes many of the bands well-known songs like Javarama, C-9, Flippy and Party Train.

This album also includes a few songs Roberts wrote, composed and produced himself, like Center of Chill (currently receiving air-play all over the world), Sensational and Blow Dry.

The Go Project has played at venues around the Portland/Vancouver area including The Crystal Ballroom, Ash Street Saloon, Portland State University, Twilight Pizza, Camellia Lounge, and charity events.

Music genres rang from chill, electronic, lounge, alternative rock, adult contemporary and experimental.

The Go Project’s music has been featured in the theatrical film “Harvest of Fear” and also featured in radio commercials and jingles throughout the world. The band has appeared in many local Camas events including the farmer’s market and the Save Darfur Benefit Concert.

The album is available on iTunes,, Google Play and other music websites. For more information visit