Four C-W churches are burglarized

Two arrests are made

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Two local men have been arrested in connection with the burglaries of three churches in Camas and one church in Washougal.

According to the Washougal Police Department, Alexander Warner Sampson, 27, of Camas, confessed to being involved in the burglaries at Camas Church of the Nazarene, 2204 N.E. Birch St.; Gateway Community Church, 1235 “E” St., Washougal; Christian Life Church, 1303 N.E. Garfield St., Camas; and St. John’s Presbyterian, 1206 N.E. Birch St., Camas.

Sgt. Zane Freschette arrested Sampson, Monday, during an unrelated investigation involving the theft of a motorcycle.

Sampson assisted officers in recovering some of the stolen property. He was arrested for four counts of second-degree burglary and three counts of second-degree theft.

According to police, it appears the crimes were motivated by drug addiction.

The church burglaries occurred between April 28 and May 14. The most common stolen items included electronics, music equipment and cash.

Daniel Arthur Schrader, 51, of Washougal, was also arrested in connection with the burglaries.

The WPD served a search warrant Monday, at Schrader’s home, on the 700 block of G Street. Some of the property stolen from the churches was recovered at Schrader’s home.

He is suspected of trading illegal drugs for stolen property.

Schrader was booked for first-degree trafficking in stolen property, delivery of a controlled substance (heroin), possession of methamphetamine and second-degree possession of stolen property.

Sgt. Geoff Reijonen said Sampson and Schrader are friends or acquaintances.

Police expect to make additional arrests related to the burglaries, and they are making efforts to recover more of the stolen items.

Anyone with information about the crimes should contact Washougal Det. Perry Houts at 835-8701 or Camas Det. Brie Bieber at 834-4151.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.