Life coach helps women through transitions, relationship issues

Robin Mounce provides weekend and five-day retreats

Robin Mounce

A certified life coach who recently relocated her office works with women, individually and in groups, to address topics such as living healthy lifestyles, negotiating transitions, being stuck, having an empty nest, creating a new vision and dealing with relational issues.

Robin Mounce, of Washougal, is certified through Christian Coaching Institute in North Carolina.

“While only two years of having my certification, I have spent over the years, a lot of time with women one-on-one, walking with them through heartache,” she said. “I enjoy supporting them and encouraging them as they face many obstacles and painful issues.”

She said she enjoys watching women grow and become confident.

“I like to help them hone in on their strengths and giftedness and spur them on to using those strengths in areas they never thought they could achieve,” Mounce said.

She described herself as an empty nester, since her youngest son left home more than two years ago to enlist in the Marines.

“It was during that time that I had to find a new purpose and vision for my life,” Mounce said. “I was encouraged to go into coaching, because I already was doing it but not formally.”

In addition to individual and group coaching, she offers retreats — either for five days or a weekend — where topics such as pain, intimacy with God, transitions, forgiveness and new vision are addressed.

“Corresponding with each day, we will go on a hike to get outside of ourselves and see the beauty of creation,” Mounce said. “I will have them read books before they attend the five-day retreat.

“I have worked a lot with women whose husbands have sexual addictions and affairs,” she added. “I do not try to save their marriage or fix their husbands. I try to help them find tools to help them become healthy.”

Mounce will lead a group coaching session about learning healthy ways to work through transitions, starting today, with afternoon and evening options.

Her VisionWalk office is located at 523 N.E. Everett St., in downtown Camas. For more information, call 335-4240, email or visit