Lean, mean bowling machines

Papermakers roll into fifth season with a new motto

CHS bowling team

Shelby Chartrand, Ariel Laycock, Courtney Estrada, Jaelyn Montoya, Courtney Warta, Leah Aspinwall, Isabella Gilbertson, Brianna Cloutier, Sabrina Coelho, Jamie Graninger, Tammy Chan, Jocelynn McFarland, Paris Laycock, Lanie Turk, Mariah Cox, Lindsey Leethan, Mikayla Canifax, Camille Karasev, Kelsey Wright, Grace Ireland, Katelyn Lewis, Ashley Gerst, Camyn Cox, Ashleigh Cox and Samantha Voogt. Con Tornow is the head coach and Jesse Chartrand is the assistant coach.

Lean, mean bowling machine has a nice ring to it.

It’s the perfect motto for the Papermakers to shout every time they roll a strike or pick up a spare.

“We wanted to come out with something fresh. Something that people can get on board with,” said junior Shelby Chartrand. “It’s catchy.”

“We’re lean, we’re mean and we’re the bowling machines,” added senior Ariel Laycock. “It sounds great.”

The Papermakers said those words out loud several times in the first three matches of the season.

Camas beat Prairie 1,886-1,662 Friday, behind 210 and 186 games by Chartrand. Laycock added a 202 and Courtney Warta turned in a 183.

“I think it was our highest game,” Warta said. “And it wasn’t just one person, it was all of us.”

Hudson’s Bay defeated the Papermakers 2,036-1,884 Wednesday. Laycock led Camas with a 212 game and Chartrand added a 186.

“I was proud of the whole team, and everyone was proud of themselves,” Laycock said. “That’s all that mattered to me.”

Camas and Kelso both rolled a 1,724 Nov. 17, to finish in a tie.

Chartrand earned eighth place at the state meet as a freshman and a sophomore. Her goal is to get back there this year and place higher.

Chartrand said her favorite part about the team is the spirit.

“Friendly competition is something we can all thrive on,” she said. “What family doesn’t have that? I think of these girls as my sisters.”

Seniors Laycock, Warta, Isabella Gibertson, Leah Aspinwall and Courtney Estrada lead this group of 25 bowlers.

“I look forward to seeing the smiles on these girl’s faces when they fix their marks and get those spares and strikes,” Laycock said. “It’s amazing how much these girls have improved.”

Gilbertson hopes the Papermakers can turn this energy into victories.

“Competing in every match is great, but it would be nice to get some wins as well,” she said.