Committed to creating a healthy community

Yogilachi Fitness Studio offers a mix of exercise styles

Blending yoga, pilates and tai chi seemed like a no-brainer to Stephana Johnson of Yogilachi Fitness Studio.

Since the 1990s, Johnson has been combining the beneficial aspects of the three different styles of fitness. She said that the similarities between the three might be surprising to some.

“Each form of workout is about reconnecting,” Johnson said. “Reconnecting with your body and your mind, and they all work so well together.”

For Johnson, fitness was never really a hobby. She’s always viewed it as a way to directly help others. And that’s exactly what she has been setting out to do at Yogilachi Fitness.

The new studio in Camas aims to create a safe environment for people to work out without competition or judgement. Johnson stresses that her focus is on each participant getting something beneficial out of the workouts, not measuring up to expectations.

“For me,” she said, “it’s about helping people improve their lives.”

Johnson moved to the Pacific Northwest with her kids after traveling the United States for many years. The welcoming nature of the region, especially Camas, made the relocation an easy choice. When she saw a former dance studio was for sale, Johnson jumped at the chance to introduce Yogilachi to the community.

Yogilachi classes are held weekdays at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Johnson also offers a couples’ night.

Johnson is glad to have settled in Camas, and that the community has accepted her so openly.

“My mission is to really improve the lives of people in the community,” she said.

Go to for more information or to schedule a class or private training session.

The studio is located at 2005 S.E. 192nd Ave., Ste. 106. For more information, call 936-3374.