Partnering to improve Camas parks, and more

Advocacy group adjusts its focus

A longtime advocacy group has a new name and a new focus.

The Friends of the Camas Community Center is now Partners with Camas Parks and Recreation.

“Our general mission is still the same in that we want to help sponsor low-income children so they can participate in parks and recreation programs,” said Vicki Kerr, president. “But we also want to help raise money to maintain parks and trails, and come together with the different groups out there.”

She noted that although some of the group’s members wouldn’t be able to lug bark dust out to a trail or clear fallen trees, they are happy to fundraise.

“Not everyone is comfortable with that part, but we are OK with it,” Kerr said. “Some of the members are passionate about it.”

The Friends of the Community Center was founded more than 30 years ago to help with improvements and provide opportunities for all children to participate in different recreational programs.

Kerr recently stepped into the role as president, but has served on the board for more than nine years.

Most recently, group members helped out at Concerts for a Cause at Camas Meadows. The live music performances benefit area non-profit organizations.

“We want to be out there in the community more and helping out,” Kerr said. “We would like to see our parks improved, and more trails for everyone. We live in such a beautiful area, how can we not want to improve it?”

Currently, the group is seeking volunteers with technical knowledge to help with a Facebook page and website, along with cash donations.