Health officials issue warning to avoid contact with Lacamas Lake, nearby creeks

Sewer pipe leak was discovered in Camas Thursday afternoon

Clark County Public Health officials issued a warning Friday, urging people and pets to avoid contact with Lacamas Lake, Dwyer Creek and Lacamas Creek, following a sewage leak near Pacific Rim Boulevard in Camas that was discovered Thursday. A warning sign was posted at the Heritage Park boat launch area.

Clark County Public Health officials are advising people and pets to avoid coming into contact with water in and around Lacamas Lake, following the discovery of a sewage pipe leak.

According to Chuck Harman of Clark County Public Health the spill, which was discovered Thursday afternoon at approximately 4 p.m., occurred near 4700 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd. The leak was reported to the Department of Ecology by the City of Camas, and was repaired Friday afternoon.

According to Harman, a backup in part of a main sewer line caused a leak in a pipe. It spilled sewage out into a parking lot and then into the surface water of Dwyer Creek and Lacamas Creek.

The total amount of time the sewage line was leaking has not been determined, but Harman said initial estimates indicate that it released 100 gallons per minute.

People and their pets should avoid contact with water from the area of the spill and the path of the water downstream. This includes Dwyer Creek, Lacamas Creek and Lacamas Lake. Public Health staff have posted warning signs.

The DOE is coordinating the response to the spill.

“We are trying to be conservative, to provide the broadest warning for people to be cautious and avoid water contact in the area,” Harman said. “As we learn more, we may add more information. We will let people know when it’s safe to have contact [with the waterways], based on the data.”