Bonneville Power Administration hires new VP

Jeff Cook will help guide transmission planning and asset management

Jeff Cook

The Bonneville Power Administration has selected a new vice president of transmission planning and asset management.

“Jeff [Cook] has over two decades of experience in the utility industry driving and leading innovative solutions to complex problems,” said Richard Shaheen, senior vice president for transmission services. “He is the right candidate to guide our efforts in proactively preserving and enhancing the value of BPA’s transmission system for the benefit of the greater Northwest.”

Cook will oversee the transmission system asset management program to promote the reliability, efficiency and economical use of all transmission-related physical assets.

Cook, who started in his new position Dec. 27, also will guide the development of an asset management system framework that will help inform decisions on near- and long-term activities and strategies to meet the predicted future demands on BPA’s transmission system, achieve its desired performance levels and realize the lowest life-cycle costs for these assets.

“Dynamic market changes, and heightened regional and inter-regional planning and technology advancements will significantly impact the Northwest transmission networks,” Cook said. “I am thrilled about being a part of this exciting season in the electric utility industry and am honored to lead our transmission planning and asset management team.”

Cook came to BPA in March of 2004 as an electrical engineer for its control and communication systems. He later managed the customer service engineering group and transmission’s communication and grid modeling group. Last spring, Cook became the acting vice president of engineering and technical services and then moved to the acting vice president of planning and asset management, the position he now assumes in a permanent role.

Prior to BPA, Cook worked for several utility and communication companies, including CenturyTel and Pacific Power and Light.