Dale Rule crosses California border

Twenty days into his walk from Seaside to San Diego, Dale Rule has one question on his mind.

“If you can create a dream or vision or goal to impact and influence this world, what would you be willing to put yourself through to do it?”

The answer for the 44-year-old from Camas is 20 more days. He has walked approximately 660 miles on his mission to raise awareness for obesity. He vows to be at Sea World, in San Diego, by 8 p.m., Aug. 1.

“Every human being is a miracle waiting to happen,” Rule said. “If you can impact enough people with what you’re doing, if your prize is so big that the price doesn’t matter, you can make a difference in this world. I’ll do whatever it takes to impact one person, but what if I can impact millions?”

Rule dreams of building fully funded parks for people and communities to enjoy. All he asks is for people to donate $1.50 a month to his non-profit at www.everyonewalk.com.

“The reason I’m willing to do something this crazy is because of my goal,” Rule said. “My goal is to build parks all over the world. Start in the U.S., and build the first one in Camas. Full blown walking athletic facilities that are funded by all of us. You never have to pay to walk into this place.”

Rule walked more than 40 miles June 2, the day he reached the California border along Highway 101. He then conquered a series of steep hills through the Redwoods.

Rule will cross the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Wednesday.

“The most powerful four-letter word in the world is love,” Rule said. “To me, this has become a walk of love. Because I sure get it, every day.”