State Auditor’s Office issues a clean report for Washougal

Mayor and finance director thank staff for dedication

The city of Washougal has received another clean audit from the Washington State Auditor’s Office.
There were no findings or management letters. The auditor reviewed payroll, procurement, disbursements, building permits, open public meeting minutes and the police department. No reportable conditions were found.
The city’s financial statements and compliance with state laws and internal policies and procedures for fiscal year 2015 were reviewed.
This is the fifth year in a row Washougal has not received any audit findings.
The city’s Finance Director Jennifer Forsberg said the positive result is a huge compliment to the countless hours spent by staff to ensure that all funds were properly accounted for.
“I am very proud of these results and want to thank all city staff for their hard work and dedication to ensure processes are being followed, thereby safeguarding public assets and funds,” she said, in a press release. “We will continue to fine tune our processes and procedures to continue our clean audit history into future years.”
Mayor Sean Guard also complimented the city’s employees.
“They ensure that we have the appropriate policies and procedures in place, and that we follow them to ensure accuracy and compliance in all of our efforts,” he said. “The city is a steward of public resources, and this clean audit confirms that the city team is providing good stewardship over the community’s funds.”
An exit interview was conducted Tuesday. The accountability and financial reports have not been released.
For the fiscal year 2015, Washougal had 71 employees, and the city operated on a budget of $52.37 million.