New Pilates studio opens in Washougal

Introductory sessions are available at Tumtum Pilates

The owner of a new business in downtown Washougal offers private and semi-private Pilates sessions.

Annice Kessler, the owner and instructor at Tumtum Pilates, said classical Pilates was designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the entire body.

The benefits of classical Pilates, according to Kessler, include flexibility — particularly in the abs and back muscles — coordination — muscular and mental — posture, balance and an improvement in core strength.

“Concentration, control, rhythm and breath dynamics are also key to Pilates,” she said. “Usually there is no music playing, because clients are working on these key elements.”

Classical Pilates stays true to the original Pilates Principles developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.

“Pilates was originally developed to help the sick and immobile re-learn to move their muscles and joints,” Kessler said. “So Pilates is designed for everyone.”

She discovered Pilates in 2013, while recovering from a chronic lower back injury.

Kessler is a Peak Pilates certified Pilates instructor. She was trained by Alicia Bouni, of Geometry Pilates, and Peak Pilates Master Instructor Jessica Schultz, of Jessica Schultz Pilates, both of Portland.

Kessler moved from Portland to Camas during the summer of 2015, and she opened the Pilates studio in November.

“My fiance has been in Washougal for 12 years, and I am thrilled to be a part of the community,” she said. “Everyone has been so supportive, and it’s also been a lot of fun.

“Downtown Washougal is growing, and Tumtum Pilates has the perfect location,” Kessler added.

Her business’ name means “to think, to feel, to decide,” in the Chinook Indian Nation language.

“Chinook jargon was an important slang language of this area, that the Natives and settlers used to communicate,” Kessler said.

Tumtum Pilates is located at 1436 “A” St., Ste. 206. Introductory sessions are available.

For more information, call (213) 300-3468, email or visit