Outstanding leaders

Comments made by this year’s Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce Businesspersons of the Year Jerry and Mary Sauer and Citizen of the Year Randy Curtis, illustrate their passion and commitment to improve and enhance the communities of Camas and Washougal, where they work, live and volunteer:

  • “We try to help out around our communities, because it is what we love to do. One of our companies’ core values is service — both to our customers and our communities,” Jerry Sauer, owner of Excavator Rental Services LLC, said in an article in today’s Post-Record.
  • “To me, ‘the community’ is Camas and Washougal. Working with both communities kind of snow-balled, because once you do one thing it can evolve into something else,” said Curtis.
  • The accomplishments, contributions and impacts of these stellar citizens, along with those of the Educators of the Year — the Camas School District Teachers on Special Assignment team and Washougal School District teacher Wendy Morrill — are beyond incredible, and have far-reaching, long-term positive impacts.

    Comments from the educators’ peers and supervisors highlight just how important their work is.

    “To be in the same room with any member of [the TOSA] is to experience the passion each of them brings to raising and supporting the teaching profession in order to create better outcomes for our students,” said Lisa Greseth, director of teaching, learning and assessment for the Camas School District.

    “Wendy is not only a star, but she is the district’s rising star,” said Gause Principal Rex Larson.

    The community is invited to the Citizen of the Year banquet at Camas Meadows on June 1. It is an opportunity to thank these local leaders who do so much for our communities.